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Who We Are

Afrotropic Cocoa Processing Ltd (ACPL) is a Ghanaian company manufacturing quality cocoa products. Our primary products such as cocoa liquor and cocoa butter are sold to reputable companies around the world. Placing importance on what is essential, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products and our business relations. We strive to give the same special attention to all our customers.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Company has since evolved into a competitive player in the chocolate industry with established markets and recognized products. Our multi-national background infuses a blend of Western technology and Eastern diligence into the Company's management and operations, resulting in a truly professional and global company.

We aim to achieve total customer satisfaction through consistent on-time delivery, swift customer feedback handling and competitive pricing. We also ensure good quality is built into every product we produce and that our quality management system is effective and continuously improving.

Our factory presently boasts of an annual grinding capacity of over 6000 metrics tons. Its relatively compact size allows for more attention to be paid to quality and efficiency in the manufacturing process. Each step of our manufacturing process is supervised by highly capable and experienced personnel.

Today more than ever, food quality and safety are a constant concern for customers and public authorities alike. Our customers know they can trust the safety and quality of our products. That trust is important to us; and that’s why we have put in place strong food safety and quality management systems for our processes and products. We shall continually make these systems better to produce safe food that our customers expect. Placing importance on what is essential, we pride ourselves in the quality of our business relationships. From multinational traders to localized traders, chocolate conglomerates, and specialized chocolate factories, we constantly strive to apply the same special attention to each and every customer.

Tel/Fax: +233.30.2816136/2816137 | Email: info@afrotropic.com